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notecard - Burke conservative-enforcing prejudice against...

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Unformatted text preview: Burke conservative-enforcing prejudice against roman catholic is wrong-nature of arg. Is wrong, instead arg. Prejudice is wrong. American colonies-ch. Of colonies diff from british, less accepting of govt, whaling industry-grit. Wont be governed easily. Weaver-philsophically derived args. Try to persuade ppl of position burke against british mistreating Indians slow change Eisenhower middle of road successful. Arg of def. nature of man def of man himself. Ex lawyer should accept fees upfront b/c wont be motivated. Compulsion is against human nature. Self govern whites can blacks cant liberty for one man is not same as another man 1 st innagural persuade south to remain in union, already been in succession. Arg. From principle divided interests today if we split apart it will be more divided, ex-marriage arg from Lincoln-if south recedes est a principle. Arg from nature of union-union perceived as permanent/insoluble. Arg. Of contract-one party cant dissolve contract w/o consent of another party. Rhet of social science-hard to define middle class/respect dissolve contract w/o consent of another party....
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  • Winter '09
  • Duffy
  • Regulatory Focus Theory, Diff, arg, Burke conservative-enforcing prejudice, ex-marriage arg, Weaver-philsophically derived args

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