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Postmodern Paper - Leong 1 Com 385 Postmodernism Analysis...

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Leong 1 Com 385 3/17/10 Postmodernism Analysis of DJ Earworm The idea of Postmodernism is a difficult one to understand. Postmodern medium and texts are always changing, they do not have an ending, and you can never know what something is essentially. So what then necessarily defines a “postmodern” object or media? Many critics have argued that Postmodernism is shapeless and that there is no way to come to a conclusion about “postmodern” ideas. Other critics would argue, however, that Postmodernism is a reaction to modernism. DJ Earworm uses the idea of reacting to modernism and incorporates it into his “music mashups”. Instead of applying the typical idea of remixing a current popular song like DJs have done in the past, DJ Earworm uses a postmodern approach with music by incorporating songs of the past with recent popular culture songs. DJ Earworm uses the elements of playfulness, intertextual factors, and contradiction of create postmodern mashups. Postmodern critics believe that postmodernism is a response to the modernism. After World War I, many critics became skeptical and distrustful of the modern cultural movement and introduced a postmodern approach to looking at mediums. The characteristics of postmodernism are always changing; they are in a sense fluid or always in motion. Postmodern critics say that this type of analysis has a direction, whereas modernism has a telos or an end, postmodernism has no end. What makes postmodernism hard to define is that you never know what something is essentially. In modern critical analysis, there is an aspect of essentialism. Postmodern analysis has a lack of center; instead, it has a
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Leong 2 network or web of relations. Modernism has an element of logic and argues that contradictions are bad, whereas postmodernism questions logic and embraces contradiction. Modernism, on the one hand, is serious and textual, but postmodernism has characteristics of being playful and intertextual with many different layers. Critics would agree that the radio, TV, and magazines are elements of modernism and the internet would be an element of postmodernism. The definition of postmodernism and modernism are at opposite sides of the spectrum and therefore are contradictions to each other. Lyotard, a media critic, summarizes Wittgenstein’s description of postmodernism language games saying, “Each of the various categories of utterance can be defined in terms of rules specifying their properties and the uses to which they can be put- in exactly the same way as a game of chess is defined by a set of rules determining the properties of each of the pieces, in other words, the proper way to move them”, (The Postmodern Condition). This quote relates to the idea of postmodernism because critics have argued for the specific characteristics that defines postmodern. Each of these ideas and properties combines together in a specific way to create a postmodern medium. Critics would say that an example of a postmodern game would be World of Warcraft.
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Postmodern Paper - Leong 1 Com 385 Postmodernism Analysis...

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