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Evaluation: The materials we used, which were the signs around campus by hand sanitizers and in bathrooms, were easily visible in multiple areas around campus. They were able to reach our target audience on a daily basis and students did not have to go out of their way to view our slogans. The signs were on bright colors of paper with big bold font so they would catch people’s eyes and could be read from a far distance. We used some slogans that were funny and attention grabbing, but also some that were informative that could be used as a fear appeal to increase people’s adherence to hand washing on a regular basis. The signs around campus would be a minimal cost to our health campaign, but
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Unformatted text preview: would promote an increase in hand washing and sanitizing that would minimize the spread of germs and disease around campus. To determine if our campaign would be effective, we would take stock of the soap in the bathrooms and hand sanitizer before and after the health campaign had been implemented. If our “If Hands Could Talk…” campaign is a success the results will show that there is an increase in the amount of soap and sanitizer being used around campus. The increase in people washing their hands will decrease the spread of sickness around campus and promote a general wellness for students and teachers....
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