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Fillin Blank-blank - 6 Percentages of the way minorities...

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Diversity Group 1. The basic laws of communication says that ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________. 2. _____________________ is to be able to understand language, have access to information, to have social skills, be interested in health topics, understand how to apply information, and also be willing to put it to use. 3. Rapport between patient and doctor is ____________ if the patient and doctor are both female. 4. Not sharing vital information such as this with one’s doctor can lead to bad communication and also very negative health risks. Such as _______________________ __________________,_______________________________,____________________________ ___________________, and ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________. 5. _______________ is discrimination based upon a person’s race.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Percentages of the way minorities feel distrust-Asians: ____ Hispanics: ____African Americans: ____Whites_____ 7. ________________________ are less satisfied than others with medical care. 8. A new California state law states the________________________ are responsible for making sure patients have adequate . 9. Patients with disabilities tend to be ________________________with medical encounters if the doctors had not been picked by themselves, such as with managed care providers. 10. Children look at illness in three different ways: pre-logical conception, concrete-logical conceptualization, and____________________________________________________. 11. is defined as discriminated based on a person's age. 12. Many older adults are reluctant to_____________________ and ___________________ ___________________ despite their desire to participate and be well informed while others are extreme talkers....
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