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Final Campaign Paper - COMS 418 Health Campaign If Hands...

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COMS 418 Health Campaign If Hands Could Talk… Problem and Objective - Topic : Hygiene, washing hands (hand sanitizers, hand soap) - Problem : Spread of germs via dirty hands will lead to illness - Objective : Educate people about hand washing and the effects of not washing their hands - Campaign Name : If Hands Could Talk… Target Audience We decided to focus our campaign on Cal Poly students, staff, and visitors. Germs and bacteria can be spread very easily on college campuses due to the close contact people have with one another in classes, bathrooms, dormitories, dinning halls, etc. All three of these groups use the facilities on the Cal Poly campus, which means they will be exposed to the signs displaying our campaign’s slogans and will encourage them to use the hand sanitizers available to them throughout campus, as well as remind them to wash their hands after using the restrooms. We believe that the majority of those exposed to hand washing advertisements will be more inclined to do so. In a February 2006 study, researchers from Kansas State University and North Carolina State University found that only 17% of college students followed the recommended hand washing and sanitization procedures. If college students, faculty, and visitors didn’t “wash up” and sanitize, the rate at which germs and bacteria are spread would increase dramatically, which will eventually lead to many people becoming ill. Appropriate Influence Channels
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Several different types of influence channels will be used throughout the campaign including media types, novel channels, and interpersonal channels. In terms of media types, we will be using the radio and the Internet to help spread the word about hand washing and sanitizing and the importance of both. Since we are directing our campaign towards the college community, we felt that we would better reach this audience through the media especially since students use the Internet during their daily activities. Another media type that we would try to implement would be grab bags, which would include information about hand washing and sanitizing, information on swine flu (H1N1) since it has become a major health issue on college campuses across the nation, and a take on-the-go hand sanitizer.
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Final Campaign Paper - COMS 418 Health Campaign If Hands...

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