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Learning Module 2

Learning Module 2 - hurt and it did not help at all I...

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Unfortunately, the most recent bad health encounter that I experienced was at Cal Poly’s Health Center. In high school, I tore my ACL and recently it has been hurting really badly and acting up because I was spinning four or five times a week. I went to Cal Poly’s Health Center to get it looked at and the doctor there simply dismissed my problem saying I should stop spinning and take IB profuen. The factors that lead to my dissatisfaction was first of all, spinning is the least impact exercise activity I can do with my bad knee and by telling me I should stop exercising doesn’t seem like the appropriate thing for a doctor to recommend, especially because of the obesity problem going on in the U.S. Secondly, at the very beginning of my visit I had told the doctor I was taking IB profuen on a regular basis when my knee
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Unformatted text preview: hurt and it did not help at all. I walked out of Cal Poly’s Health Center extremely disappointed and probably will never go back. The positive experience I had with a health encounter was also at a university, at the University of Hawaii on Oahu this summer. I had been having a really bad eye infection for a couple days and I knew it wasn’t pink eye because it didn’t itch. I thought it would go away, but then ended up going to the health center. The doctor there was able to see me right away and diagnosed my problem immediately. She gave me a prescription and told me what to do with the eye drops she had given me. Then she pointed me in the direction of the pharmacy and the filled it right there within five minutes, which was extremely convenient for me....
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