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final paper - Coms 420 Private Planes for Public Funds This...

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Coms 420 12-2-08 Private Planes for Public Funds This quarter I learned a great deal about nonverbal communication and how it has just as much impact, if not more then verbal communication, in communicating how we feel and what we think. After learning about all the different kinds of nonverbal communication, I thought that it was interesting to find that between 70 and 90 percent of our message we try to convey is through our nonverbal actions. For this assignment I chose to research and discuss an issue that is relevant and present in today’s society: the dilemma of our economy, more specifically when the three CEO’s of Chrysler, GM, and Ford flew to Congress to ask for financial help for their companies. On November 18 th , 2008, the three CEOs of the three biggest automakers in the United States flew to the nation’s capital asking for $25 billion dollars of tax payer’s bills to save their companies from going bankrupt. Instead of flying commercially, like everyone else, each CEO took his own private jet, an estimated $20,000 roundtrip per jet, according to the Patriot Ledger, compared to an $837 first class plane ticket for the same trip. These three CEOs, not only took three individual private jets, but when asked by a show of hands if they flew commercially, all three of them did not raise their hands. Then when asked if they would be willing to sell their jets and fly home commercially, again none of them raised their hands. This kind of nonverbal communication we learned about in the Knapp and Hall text as artifactual nonverbal communication, which is defined as
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the things we associate ourselves with such as clothes and accessories that contribute to our first impressions. This nonverbal act occurred at our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. at a Congress meeting held before our nation’s Senate Banking Committee. The economy is in dire straights, which in turn has prompted the CEOs of GM, Chrysler, and Ford to come before Congress where they petitioned for $25 billion dollars to bail their
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final paper - Coms 420 Private Planes for Public Funds This...

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