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Com 460 Conway Oct. 18, 2010 Critique #1 I am critiquing Autumn R. Pearson’s Dramatism and Persuasion in Kennedy’s Speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association . Pearson’s Senior Project was reviewed by Dr. Bernard Duffy in 2003. In this project, Pearson attempts to analyze John Kennedy’s presidential campaign speech in 1960 using Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic pentad. Pearson argues that Burke’s pentad is correct for Kennedy’s speech because it involves elements of both motives and persuasion. Pearson also uses Burke’s key concepts of identification and consubstantiality. The project was divided into each of the five categories of the pentad with each element clearly analyzed in reference to Kennedy’s speech. The last two sections of the paper addressed identification and ratios. By analyzing Kennedy’s speech using the pentad and two of Burke’s other key concepts, Pearson found out why Kennedy’s speech was constructed in the way it was, i.e. his motives behind the speech.
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