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Com 460 Conway Oct. 25 th , 2010 Critique #2 In 2001, Lisa M. Mannarelli wrote her Senior Project, “Violent News Coverage and the Public’s Fear of Crime Victimization” under the supervision of Dr. James Conway. The purpose of this paper was to analyze the cultivation effect to understand how people interpret news on television. Mannarelli also brought up the issue between both reality and how people see reality on television. The other aspect of Mannarelli’s Senior Project is how the cultivation effect leads to distorted views about crime. Mannarelli’s research question is: “How does the amount of violent stories covered in the television news affect the audience’s fear of crime victimization?” Mannarelli employed the survey studies approach to the quantitative research project. The surveys were given to 41 classes of G.E. Public Speaking classes to get a diverse answer set. The conclusions of this study found that Mannarelli’s research hypothesis was not upheld at the 0.5
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