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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Conway Com 460 November 1, 2010 Critique #3 In 2006, under the supervision of Dr. Bernard Duffy, Kellie Christine Frank completed her Senior Project titled The Save Sudan Project. The project was a night that sponsored a Sudanese refugee speaker and a documentary film about Sudan. The purpose of this project was to not only inform audience members but to persuade them to take action against the misfortunes occurring in Sudan. Frank used ideas from both Gladwells book, The Tipping Point , which deals with societal persuasion and Richard Weavers theme of social cohesion. Frank focused on Gladwells idea of a sticky message. She argues that in order for a message to be persuasive, it has to stick. The message was sticky because the victims of Sudan were helpless and innocent. Frank combined the sticky message with Weavers idea of rhetoric to help her audience be persuaded into taking cultural action....
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