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Senior Project Proposal

Senior Project Proposal - D r Conway Com 460 Senior Project...

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Dr. Conway Com 460 November 29, 2010 Senior Project Proposal For the past 16 years, Avila Beach, California has been home to the Avila Beach Marine Institute. The Avila Beach Marine Institute was the vision of Russell and Carol Kiessig. It started as a bid proposal in 1994. The Kiessig’s wanted and still want to create a place for children and adults of all ages to learn about marine science in a hands-on environment and to jump start an interest in science and marine life (SeaLifeCenter). “The Avila Beach Marine Institute is a nonprofit educational support organization dedicated to providing children, their parents and educators with unique opportunities to be delighted and amazed by the ocean, its inhabitants, its uses, its history, and its importance to mankind” (SeaLifeCenter). The Sea Life Center is overseen by board of directors and is staffed by an executive director and a program director. However, the Sea Life Center’s daily operations are run solely on a volunteer basis. This means that they do not always have enough volunteers or equipment for efficient running of the Sea Center. For our Senior Project, my partner and I, not only want to bring awareness to this beneficial and educational institution, but we want to organize and throw a fundraising event that would help to raise money for this great cause. The benefits of hosting an event like this would not only help bring funds to the organization, but also bring about recognition for the Sea Life Center in the community
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Leong 2 that would otherwise be overlooked. We believe that this is a worthwhile endeavor that would not only help the Sea Life Center to raise money, but would also help the community to become involved and peak interests of future marine scientists. The scholarly purpose of this project would not only to be engage people who might not otherwise know about the Sea Life Center, but also to persuade them to attend the event we put on and contribute donations. We would use techniques that we have learned in the Communication discipline and apply them to our fundraising event in order to help generate profits for the Sea Life Center. What my partner and I hope to learn from this project, in the broadest sense, is how to put on a fundraising event. We both eventually want to eventually go into the Public Relations and event planning career fields, so this would be a great way to start with something along those lines. We want to learn how to reach out to people in the community who might be interested in helping our cause by networking and building a clientele basis.
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Senior Project Proposal - D r Conway Com 460 Senior Project...

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