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Eng 310-03 Jan. 14, 2010 Active vs. Passive Voice 1. The American Insurance Foundation funded the construction of the new Fine Arts Center. 2. John worked as an intern at Mafi-Trench, Inc. this summer. 3. When dealing with our Italian counterparts it is important to take into consideration a set of general guidelines. 4. An Eagle Scout helped remodel an attic by building shelving and adding flooring. 5. Our mailing department shipped your Long-Flight skis this morning. 6. No further work will be completed until we can obtain the correct type of galvanized steel. NCR 7. Someone who is professional has an attitude of diligence, honesty, integrity,
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Unformatted text preview: credibility, respect, and courtesy in the workplace. 8. Management and labor representatives discussed the pay raise, but no decision was reached. NCR 9. The president of each organization signed the letter of agreement. NCR 10. I pursued my interests in anthropology attending the University of Arizona. 11. More elementary reading classes use traditional phonics because many teachers are dissatisfied with contemporary approaches. 12. The new report shows the correction of the incorrect figure for the flow rate....
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