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Eng 310-03 Jan. 14, 2010 English 310 – Comma Exercises 1. Because too many of the NASA space vehicles were not reusable, the agency launched the space shuttle program in 1972, with the idea that a craft in flight could safely return for a landing. 2. WKCR, the first FM station, went on the air at Columbia University, in New York City, in 1941. 3. The school principal, an experienced teacher, and a parent from the school are present at the interview. 4. The car that I drove was too small. 5. If so, is it possible, though I’ve missed the first two class meetings, to join this class in progress? 6. The new version will be available December 1, 2010, in San Luis Obispo, and January 15, 2011, in St. George, Utah, where we have another facility. 7. Mahogany is a tropical American timber tree, its wood turns reddish brown at maturity. 8. Robert Oppenheimer is the physicist who led the research team.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. My ideas about the importance of written communication, which are different from most of my co-workers’ ideas, were formulated mainly through my workplace experience. 10. This study should help the new employee learn skills and become knowledgeable about company policy. 11. The best lighting in an office can be obtained if windows are placed in the north side, if tables are placed so that the light comes over the employee’s left shoulder, and if the ceiling is painted a very light color. 12. In the reorganization of the district, the member of Congress nearly lost a hundred voters. 13. A museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is in New York City. 14. A line worker can become an effective supervisor, if provided with the right mentoring and education. 15. My address will be 1045 Carpenter Street, Columbia, MO 65201, after today....
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