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Conflict Memo - client This switch from wooden to metal...

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Elegant Events MEMORANDUM Date: February 25, 2010 To: Jocelyn Harper From: Re: McCarthy Hall Project As we discussed earlier, Party Planners quoted $3, 500 for our order of 300 wooden chairs and 30 wooden tables to rent for one night. Party Planners suggested that wooden chairs would be a better alternative because of the kind of flooring in McCarthy Hall. Party Planners came to us last week and said they could substitute the wooden furnishings for metal tables and chairs, for $2,000. When we spoke last, I was under the impression that we were going to go ahead with the substitution, without informing the client. Although, I would agree that this alternative would profit our company financially, it would not promote our company’s reputation if the client were to find out. Elegant Events, as I am sure you would agree, handles all its business with the utmost integrity. By not informing the client of a change from wooden chairs to metal could be a breach of contract with our
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Unformatted text preview: client. This switch from wooden to metal furnishings could also be a safety issue for our guests. Elegant Events has always prided itself on accomplishing high quality jobs. It is in our company’s best interest to notify the client that replacing the wooden furnishings with metal ones would be a fraction of the cost. Informing our client of the possible savings they could gain by making the switch will also benefit us financially. By informing our client, we can make the change to the McCarthy Hall venue under legal means, while still making a profit. Our client will recognize the chance we had to benefit, but instead decided to maintain our company’s integrity. This will boost our company as a reputable establishment and encourage prospective clientele. Please consider the benefits of notifying our client prior to making any decision. Let me know your decision about my proposal by the end of the week....
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Conflict Memo - client This switch from wooden to metal...

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