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Interview Memo1 - English 310-03 MEMORANDUM Date: February...

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English 310-03 MEMORANDUM Date: February 22, 2010 To: Sherrie Amido From: Re: Interview of Frances McCutchon, Director of Marketing at As you requested, I interviewed Frances McCutchon, the Director of Marketing for the past two years at The purpose of this interview is to acquire information about a potential career for my future. As Director of Marketing, it is Ms. McCutchon’s job to oversee yield management for the website. She is responsible for getting people to author articles and pay for subscriptions on the website and to balance them appropriately. Authorship includes user-generated content such as posting pictures, sending stories, and taking quizzes and surveys. Communication When asked about communication in the workplace, Ms. McCutchon contends that there are two types of communication, formal and informal. As Director of Marketing, communication is critical because she has to work with many different divisions to get things done. Formal communication takes the form of yield management and supervising the website. Yield management is seeing how much the company makes in a given time period and adjusting this figure to meet the needs of the company. Formal communication is seen in a report to the finance division every two weeks with projections about the future. These reports detail budget analyses, which must be on target, and show the amount of revenue the website produces. The budget cannot be too low because the company will not be making a profit. The budget also cannot be too high because then the company would be robbing themselves of future income. Ms. McCutchon’s job is to regulate the budget and make necessary changes so the company will be within “the noise”, just
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This note was uploaded on 01/10/2011 for the course ENGL 310 taught by Professor Amido during the Winter '10 term at Cal Poly.

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Interview Memo1 - English 310-03 MEMORANDUM Date: February...

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