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Biology 112: Unicellular life. Drs. Kion, Spiegelman, Taylor Week 1 Readings (due by Friday’s lecture) Brock, 6.5-6.7 (e-text chapter 5) Online Pre-Class Assignment – Week 1 Due by 9am on Sept 11 th Sept 9 th Introduction to Biology 112 Sept 11 th Cell Growth Discussion Topics: s Cells as organisms vs. cells in organisms s Self-replication s Exponential growth s Growth of populations Related Learning Objectives s Describe what is meant by growth in a unicellular organism.
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Unformatted text preview: s Calculate the approximate number of cells in a growing population based upon the initial number of cells. s Identify the following phases on a growth curve graph: lag phase, exponential phase, stationary phase, death phase. s Contrast lag phase, exponential phase, stationary phase, and death phase in terms of division rate, cell composition, and cell viability. s Predict the response in cell growth to environmental conditions....
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