Chapter 5 Anatomy Review

Chapter 5 Anatomy Review - Chapter 5 Review: Skeletal...

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Chapter 5 Review: Skeletal system: Includes bones, cartilage, joints, tendons, ligaments Axial: skull, ribs, vertebrae, sacrum, sternum, coccyx Appendicular: arms, legs, hands, feet Functions of bones (5): protection, support, movement, storage (fat, calcium), blood formation Classification: long, short, flat (ribs), irregular (vertebrae) Structure of a long bone: Diaphysis: shaft; hollow and contains yellow marrow (fat storage) Periosteum: fibrous connective tissue that covers/protects diaphysis Epiphyses: long bone’s ends (spongy bone); contains red marrow (makes blood cells) Articular Cartilage: covers exterior of epiphyses Epiphyseal line/plate: line is remnant of epiphyseal plate; made of bone. Plate is made of hyaline Cartilage that allows for longitudinal growth of bones Perforating (Sharpey’s) Fibers: secures periosteum to underlying bone Medullary: yellow marrow (fat storage) Bone Markings: where muscles, tendons, and ligaments attach and where nerves and blood Vessels enter and exit the bone Microscopic anatomy of the bone: Osteocytes: mature bone cells; trapped in lacunae Osteoblasts: make bone; dock on cartilage and then begin to make bone (trap themselves)
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Osteoclasts: break down bone Osteons: part of diaphysis Perforating Canals: allow nutrients to flow
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Chapter 5 Anatomy Review - Chapter 5 Review: Skeletal...

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