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Biology 112: Unicellular life Drs. Kion, Spiegelman, Taylor Two proteins, A and B, are discovered and upon studying their structures it is found that three amino acids are clustered together inside each of them (that is, a cluster is found in the interior of A and B). The three amino acids are tryptophan, phenylalanine, and threonine (the side chains of each are shown below). Phe Trp HN Thr H 3 C OH Some melting temperatures experiments are performed where the phenylalanine or the tryptophan are replaced with alanine in both of the proteins. The resulting data is shown below.
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Unformatted text preview: Protein Change Melting Temperature No change (normal) 71 o C Phe changed to Ala 69 o C A Trp changed to Ala 69 o C No change (normal) 71 o C Phe changed to Ala 69 o C B Trp changed to Ala 66 o C Note that denaturation temperatures can be determined very accurately so a difference of 2-3 o C is considered to represent a significant change in the protein structure. Based on the above data, what conclusions can you make about the interactions between the three amino acids in the NORMAL A and B proteins? Provide a brief rationale for your conclusions....
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