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Biology 112: Unicellular life. Drs. Kion, Spiegelman, Taylor Week 6 Readings Freeman 16.2, 18.1-18.6 Online Pre-Class Assignment - Week 5 None (booyah!) PeerWise question submission on Week 5 material None (woot!) PeerWise question feedback None (wouldn’t hurt to use PeerWise for studying though) Oct 12 th No class (have a great day off!) Oct 14 th No class, Midterm 7pm (see website for room assignments) Oct 16 th Eukaryotic Genomes Discussion topics: s Introns and exons s Transcription in eukaryotes s DNA packing in eukaryotic chromosomes s Structure of proteins related to eukaryotic transcription Related learning objectives 1. Describe the DNA packing structure in eukaryotes. 2. Relate the loss or gain of function in a protein to the cell phenotype.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Contrast the steps of transcription and information flow to that of prokaryotes. 4. Indicate the critical points where the flow is controlled and kept specific in eukaryotes. 5. Compare the differences in protein synthesis in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and the effect off splicing on protein diversity. 6. Describe the role of RNA polymerase II, transcription factors, transcription activators, and enhancer sequences in transcription in eukaryotes 7. Describe the process of capping, splicing and poly-adenylation of eukaryotic mRNAs. 8. Describe the relationship between introns and the coding region for a typical eukaryotic gene. 9. Describe the functions of RNA polymerases I, II and III. 10. Contrast regulation by p53 and MalT....
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