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learning objectives 6

learning objectives 6 - Illustrate the reflection and...

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Learning Objectives VI List characteristics of sound Define power and intensity Determine sound intensity level in decibels if the intensity of the sound is given in W/m 2 Determine the sound intensity level as a function of distance from a spherical sound source. Explain the Doppler effect and calculate frequency shifts for moving sources and observers Demonstrate how the principle of superposition applies to wave behavior Describe interference mathematically and c ontrast constructive and destructive interference
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Unformatted text preview: Illustrate the reflection and transmission of wave pulses at a boundary Show that standing waves are due to the superposition of two waves and describe them mathematically Explain how a standing wave can be produced in a string or rope and calculate the harmonic frequencies needed to produce standing waves in string instruments. Explain how a standing wave can be produced in a wind instrument open at both ends or closed at one end and calculate the frequencies produced by a pipe of a given length....
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