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chp6 - Quality R&D Research and Development Research...

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Unformatted text preview: Quality R&D Research and Development Research FScN 4131 Food Quality September 20, 2000 s Documentation is the Key Functions of documentation: – Legal protection of patents and copyrights – Reproducibility s Quality R&D: Stages Product Concept Prototype Development Pilot-Plant Trial Qualification Testing Field Evaluation Market Readiness Documentation s Quality R&D Specifications Sensory attributes s Chemical and physical properties s Functional properties s Nutritive value s Process equipment & design s Composition Quality R&D Specifications Microbiological limits s Shelf life s Labeling s Regulation s Methods and standards s Quality R&D: Review of Stages s Goals: – Optimize success rate – Eliminate interruptions and backtracking Quality R&D: Review of Stages Quality Critical Material s Production function and composition s Product stability s Packaging performance s Process variability s Raw materials variability s Shipping s Cost Analysis s s Quality R&D: Methods & Standards Sampling and statistical analyses s Analytical testing methods s Calibration and maintenance of equipment s Shipping tests s Tolerance evaluation s Hazard evaluation s Consumer tests s Government regulations Process Flowchart Diagram Components Start Activity or operation Decision Making Review Process Flow Process Flowchart Diagram Example Student End Information Attend class Review notes Reading materials Study further NO Can I pass the test? YES Take test End ...
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