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Standard (Official) Methods FScN 4131 Food Quality December 6, 2000 Why do we need standard methods? Why Standardization? • To reduce variability • To speak the same language • To facilitate trade • To facilitate processor-vendor relations • To determine accountability or liability Standard Methods • Regulatory • Scientific or Commodity Association • International • Internal Standard Methods • Regulatory – FDA’s Bacteriological Analytical Manual – FDA’s Microscopic Analytical Methods in Food and Drug Control – FSIS’s Laboratory Guidebook – EPA’s Drinking Water Methods Standard Methods • Scientific or Commodity Association – AOACI’s Official Methods of Analysis (AOAC International) – APHA’s Standard Methods for Examination of Dairy Products (American Public Health Association) – APHA’s Recommended Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods
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Standard Methods • International – Codex Alimentarius’s Volume 13 (1999) Methods of Analysis and Sampling ISO ’s General methods of tests and analysis for food products (67.050) – IUPAC Standard Methods • Internal – In the absence of regulatory, commodity and international – Developed by the own company Choice of Standard Methods
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chp22 - Standard (Official) Methods FScN 4131 Food Quality...

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