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Pest Control FScN 4131 Food Quality October 17, 2000 Pests • GMP 21CFR 110 “Any objectionable animals or insects including, but not limited to, birds, rodents, flies and larvae” Pests • GMP 21CFR 110.35 (c) “No pests shall be allowed in any area of a food plant” “Effective measures shall be taken to exclude pests from the processing areas and to protect against the contamination of food on the premises by pests” Reasons of Pest Control • Safety: disease carriers • Product losses • Product quality • Legal • Aesthetic Pest Species •Rod en t s –M ice – Rats • Insects – Cockroaches –F l ies – Beetles •B i rd s – Sparrows –P igeons – Starlings •O th e r Rodents: Rats Characteristics Norway rat Rattus norvegicus • Size: 6-8 inches
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Rodents: Rats Characteristics • Sexual maturity within 6 to 8 weeks • Produce 4- 8 litters/year, 6-12 offspring per litter • Nocturnal animals • Good climbers and swimmers • Go through 1/2 inch hole • Burrow to 4 ft deep • Jump 3 ft high • Drop 80 ft unharmed Rodents: Rats Characteristics • Eat 2 meals during night • Eat 10% of body weight (1 oz. dry food/day or 60 lb./ year) • Shed 2 million hairs • Produce 20 droppings and several ml urine/day Rodents: Rats Identification • Fecal droppings – Black and shiny when fresh – Brown and brittle when old – Norway rat: 1/2 to 3/4”, capsule shape – Roof rat: 1/4 to 1/2”, spindle shape •U r in e – Detected by long-wavelength UV light • Sound Rodents: Rats Identification • Tracks and trials – Follow the same path – Tracks: 3/4-1” foot track and tail track – Talc can be used to detect them
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pestcontrol - Pests Pest Control FScN 4131 Food Quality...

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