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What steps could you take to improve your active listening skills? Active listening refers to the process of listening and at the same time absorbing the information and the context in which the speaker is trying to explain or narrate his point of view. In case of active listening the listener not only hears to what the speaker is stating but also analyzes critically at the same time. It also includes empathizing with the speaker and forming opinions about the speaker. Taking note of the
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Unformatted text preview: following steps can help me improve my listening skills: a. I need to think about what the speaker is talking and form my own perspectives on it b. I have to listen to the details as well and take notice of expressions, body language and non verbal cues c. I need to empathize with the speaker and try to understand his perspective by placing myself in the speaker’s shoes and then trying to understand the context and his experience as well as feelings....
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