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How would you deal positively with changes in staff if you were working in a management position in Human Services? Change is an extremely important element of today’s organizations. It is important to create continuous learning and encourage innovations in an organization, especially a technology oriented and technology supported organization. This would lead to dynamism in an organization and avoid stagnation of any sort. Changes in staff can be managed through effective training as well as knowledge management. Knowledge management refers to the usage of certain methods, processes and technologies in order to tap learning and experience of all employees for future
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Unformatted text preview: use. Knowledge management aims at making knowledge and experience a renewable resource. The whole purpose of knowledge management is to be able to tap the learning outcomes of the present employees and make it available to other employees in order to ensure that they do not have to go through the complete learning process and can directly use the learning outcomes and conclusions derived out of the project or activity. This helps save time, efforts and money and strengthens the competencies of the business....
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