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Is empathy necessary for effective listening? Why or why not? Describe a situation in which it was difficult to feel empathy. Why? Empathy is extremely important for effective listening. This is so because in case of absence of empathy it is very difficult for a person to understand the actual experience of the speaker. Empathy helps in creation of a common understanding as it brings the speaker and the listener to the same platform and thus helps in formation of a communication bond which is very effective and then the listener is in a position to understand well as well as relate to what the speaker is trying to explain. In this way, empathy is extremely important for effective listening as well as
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Unformatted text preview: being able to understand the cause which made the speaker go through an experience. I found it very difficult to empathize with the speech given by one of our union leaders in relation to having to accept the norms stated by the management even if they were against the interests of the employees, just because he was not able to effectively negotiate and then he wanted the support of all of the employees. I found it extremely difficult to empathize because I knew that he could have tried again in an even more effective manner and helped the employees earn their rightful wages instead of requesting us to accept his inefficiency....
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