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What constitutes effective nonverbal behavior? Ineffective behavior? What non-verbal cues make you feel understood? Misunderstood? Any kind of communication or behavior is said to be effective when it reaches the mind of the receiver. If the person for whom the message has been designed, is able to understand the message clearly and exactly, in the same sense in which it has been delivered; the message or behavior is said to be effective. Any non-verbal behavior is effective if the receiver understands it fully and it is ineffective if the receiver does not understand it at all or partially understands it. The non-verbal cues which makes feel
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Unformatted text preview: understood can be nodding of head, proper eye contact, and attentive body gestures. On the other hand, if somebody has a blank face or tries to avoid proper eye contact with the other person or there is little irritation in the behavior or a sense of restlessness or there is an attempt to change the topic of discussion by making weird body movements or if the forehead gets wrinkled because the person has raised the eyebrows or sometimes sweating, it all shows that he/she has not understood it....
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