Introductory - B 301 CA V How A for almost everything B Lab manual and other pages there C Safety glasses lab coats hard-bound

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Introductory Lecture, Chem 223 August 27, 2010 I. Who A. Instructor: Alexander Scheeline B. TAs: Chris Salnave, Winnie Shia, Rory Turgeon C. Support staff: Jesse Miller, Dave Forshier II. What A. Quantitative measurement B. Connection among physical manipulation, numbers generated by chemical measurement, reliability and meaning of numbers C. Lab skills, time management III. When A. Friday lectures and post-lab quiz B. Lab one afternoon per week C. Prelab quizzes on line D. Lab reports E. Critical to read ahead and prepare for lab IV. Where A. 100 NL (G. L. Clark Hall) Friday. Aside: who was G. L. Clark?
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Unformatted text preview: B. 301 CA V. How A. for almost everything B. Lab manual and other pages there C. Safety glasses , lab coats, hard-bound lab books D. Academic Integrity VI. Why A. Centrality of chemical measurement to the functioning of a technological society B. How to Lie with Statistics C. Numeracy and belief systems VII. The Analytical Chemist as Rebel A. "Not everybody thinks like you." B. A world that makes sense C. If it can't be measured, does it exist? Can humanity use it? D. The litigious society and the reliability of measurement IX. Intro. to Excel...
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