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Kinetic_Glucose - minutes What is the percent reaction in...

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Kinetic Determination of Glucose Student Name Mean mg glucose per 100 mL unknown solution Standard deviation mg glucose per 100 mL solution Confidence interval ± mg glucose/100 mL at the % confidence level Qualitative Data: For the qualitative data, what was the absorbance at 30 min? A For the same concentration in your standards, what was absorbance at 30 min? A What is the reaction half-life? minutes From the graph, how long would you need to wait to reach equilibrium?
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Unformatted text preview: minutes What is the percent reaction in 30 minutes? % Glucose concentration for which data were obtained: mg/100mL Quantitative Data Table 1. Data for Calibration Curve (generated by you and your small group) glucose start stop reaction Absorbance Absorbance Absorbance concentration time time time (mg/100mL) (minutes) Blank Table 2. Data for your unknown start stop reaction Absorbance time time time (minutes)...
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