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Unformatted text preview: Answer Key Chem 223 Postlab Quiz 1 September 3, 2010 1. Besides wearing safety glasses and a labcoat, there are additional safety issues in 301 Chemistry Annex. FROM WHAT YOU HAVE OBSERVED IN THAT ROOM: make ONE suggestion for student behavior that is essential for your safety. (2 points) Walk, don't run in the narrow aisle. Be careful not to bump people when walking between lab benches. Carry liquids carefully from the hoods at the west end of the lab. Watch out for the hot ovens. Keep access to the fire escape at the east end of the lab clear. Don't spill water or (worse) other chemicals on the computers. YOUR suggestions that go beyond these obvious ones will also be graded correct if, in fact, they are! 2. For the spreadsheet shown below, what would appear in cell C5 if the formula typed into that cell was = B4^A1? (1 point) B4 = 30. A1 = 2 302 = 900 Thus, C5 will display the integer 900 3. For the same spreadsheet shown in 2, sketch the graph for which this is the Edit Series block (2 points) Here's an actual plot; TAs will grade on whether your sketch at least approximates a straight line running from (2,33) to (8,30). ...
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