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Helwan University Faculty of Computers and Information First year CS112 – Programming Language I Academic year (2009/2010) Task #0 Maximum of three numbers Published Wednesday May 12 th 2010. Due date is Sunday May 16 th 2010. Introduction The goal of this trivial task is to get you familiar with Moodle, our online Course Management System. By now you should have received your username and password. Use them to log into the portal located at http://fci.helwan.edu.eg/moodle . This task has no grades associated with it (but next tasks will). Maximum of three Write a program to read three numbers and prints out the maximum of the three.
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Unformatted text preview: How to submit your answer Click on the course's name “Programming -1”, then click on the task's name “Task0”. Press the button “Browse” and select the .c file that includes your answer, then press “Upload this file”. Wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page to get the result of the compilation. Problems? If you face any problems, send an email to [email protected] . Didn't receive your username and password? Come by the Computer Science TA room and ask for Eng. Ahmed Farrag or Eng. Mohamed El-Said. Best Wishes, Ahmed M. Farrag...
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