FDR Japan - Robert Kelleher Sivils WWI I B3 11/1/10 Did FDR...

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Robert Kelleher Sivils WWII B3 11/1/10 Did FDR have something to do with the Pearl Harbor attack? I believe that President Roosevelt indeed provoked the Japanese and also knew that an attack on American soil was coming. With evidence obtained from the film on the question, I believe that there are also many evidences that support my argument. There was radio communications between Japanese commanders on route to Pearl Harbor, which would give suspicion, and many other instances in which the commanding officers would known that at least something fishy was up, and it seems impossible for trained military officers not to notice the signs that the Japanese put up prior to Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was one of a response to the many aggressive acts put out by FDR. The moving of the naval fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor can be viewed as an offensive move on part of the Americans. The oil embargo placed on the Japanese also was an aggressive act by the Americans, as the Japanese virtually had to go out and retrieve oil from other nations to feed their war machine. Also, the setting up of military
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FDR Japan - Robert Kelleher Sivils WWI I B3 11/1/10 Did FDR...

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