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APUSH West Introduction - I n troduction what do you think...

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Introduction- what do you think you are going to achieve by seceding from the Union? Fellow congressmen, nobody thinks more highly of the nation than I do, as well as the nation’s abilities to cope and work through its adversities, including an issue such as the one presented at hand. If there were any part torn from the nation, it would also tear a part from myself; we will present facts, and nothing but facts, for it has reached a time where what we must rely on are straight up facts, and we will not hold back, for it has reached a time where that is not affordable by any party. The issue at hand is one that it pains me to see and one that demands reconciliation immediately, or I fear that great, great consequences shall be bestowed on both sides, and there shall be wounds which shalt not be healed for a long time coming as a result of the neglect of the problems at hand and the refusal to put in the effort to successfully negotiate with the other party. We must learn to understand the
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