End to Combat Operations in Iraq

End to Combat Operations in Iraq - without any Americans...

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Robert Kelleher Logan Debate B2 August 29, 2010 End to Combat Operations in Iraq Today, Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Baghdad to formally state that the era of combat operations in Iraq. The 50,000 remaining troops in Iraq now serve as a combat assistant, there to help guide the new Iraqi military, which desperately needs help in fighting the Taliban and other terror groups in the region. Although the Iraqi military has recently been successful in fighting off the terror groups, they are untested while fighting
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Unformatted text preview: without any Americans alongside them. If all goes as planned, American troops should have no combat involvement unless requested by Iraqi forces. Ever since the March 1 elections left Iraq with no clear leader, since the elections were largely unsuccessful due to terror groups terrorizing voters, the terrorists have exploited the Iraqi forces with almost daily attacks. This marks a new era in...
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