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The Crucible act 2 reading log

The Crucible act 2 reading log - “He gets up goes to her...

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The Crucible Reading Log Act II Quotes Commentary Imagery Quotes Imagery (cold) “You (John Proctor) are no wintry man.” (22) “I have a sense for heat, John…” (21) “She is a cold, sniveling woman…” (22) “God’s icy wind, will blow!” (76) Short, choppy exchanges between Elizabeth and John on pages 47-8
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Unformatted text preview: “He gets up, goes to her, kisses her. She receives it. With a certain disappointment, he returns to the table.” (48) “It’s winter in here…” (49) “Oh, Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer!” (53) Metaphor SImilies Theme...
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