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The Allied Coalition of WWII

The Allied Coalition of WWII - Robert Kelleher Sivils WWI I...

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Robert Kelleher Sivils WWII B3 12/1/10 The Allied Coalition of WWII The Allied coalition of WWII that defeated the Axis powers consisted of the three major powers of the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom. The agreements reached between Russia and the United States and England was largely an “enemy of my enemy” relationship, and the Russians were largely on board with this. The Germans despised the Russians, so the Allies took advantage of this and got the superpower that was Russia on board the Allied side of the war to eliminate the German threat. Also, the Russians were able to maintain just a front on their west after a decisive victory by General Georgy Zhukov against Japan at the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939. This in turn created a durable ceasefire between the two, and eventually turned into an armistice. The strategy implemented by the Russians against the Germans in WWII was to be a victory by numbers, and send waves of their troops at the Germans and eventually beat them down. This strategy was largely effective, and proved itself in the Eastern front numerous times, such as at the Battle
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