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CSR: an adventure in building materials Thu G Hoang – C00040550 1 Executive summary CSR is now in the third year of its five-year plan to become world class in each of its business. The better results in all businesses of the year 1994/1995 confirm that CSR is on track. . However, the situation in the share market recently seems less convinced that CSR is doing well. The year-end adjusted market share is lower than it has been for six years and CSR has underperformed the All Ordinaries index for the last three years and some of its shareholders have been disappointed with CSR’s performance. The first main problem for CSR at the moment is that they have already in the third year of the five-year plan but they still have not been able to develop measurable and clear ideas of what world class mean for each business. The second problem for CSR lies in its structure. With too many of layers of management, CSR is less innovative and responsive with changes in the markets. The third problem is the existence of barriers between CSR’s groups and between CSR and its customer because of complexity in the ways it deals with customers. In order to address those problems and go ahead further to be come a world-class company, CSR need to have and overall examination of the system including both internal and external environment analysis. Effective solutions should be taken wherever and whenever the problems are. First of all, what CSR top management needs to do is to develop clear and measurable benchmarks of what they should or have to do to become a world class. These benchmarks should flexible and must stretch CSR to achieve them. Moreover, these benchmarks are not set up for the management themselves. They should be well communicated to all employees within organization, and more important, should gain the commitment of all staffs. The second issue that CSR need to do is increase the quality of its labor force. To be come a world class, 90% are people matters. By enthusing and empowering the staff, company can be able to work more efficiently and providing outstanding customer services. Company should have long-term human resource strategies including recruitment, training, appraisal and motivation to ensure the company has the right people at the right time.
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