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Assignment 1 Answers - LING 201: Introduction to...

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Page 1 of 3 LING 201: Introduction to Linguistics (Fall 2010) - SOLUTION Assignment 1 Due: Friday 24 Sept 2010 Family name________________________________Given name_________________________ Student number: ______________________ TA: Brian Buccola 9:35-10:25 Brian Buccola 10:35-11:25 Stephan Hurtubise 10:35-11:25 Stephan Hurtubise 11:35-12:25 Min Ji Sung 10:35-11:25 Min Ji Sung 12:35-13:25 I worked with _______________________________ and _______________________________ in preparing this assignment (maximum three students per group, all from the same conference). You can discuss the assignment only with students in your group; do not discuss the assignment with students outside your group. 1. Broad Transcription [10 points; 2 each; -0.5 per error up to -2 per phrase] Listen to the following phrases as pronounced by a native speaker of Canadian English. The relevant audio are posted on the WebCT. Provide a broad transcription for each phrase. You do NOT need to mark stress. Please transcribe this word as pronounced in these particular sound files, do not rely on any other pronunciation, even your own. a. mathematics lecture
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This note was uploaded on 01/06/2011 for the course LING 201 taught by Professor Slavin,tanya during the Fall '10 term at McGill.

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Assignment 1 Answers - LING 201: Introduction to...

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