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1 ISOM111 Business Statistics (Fall 2010) Exercise for Tutorial Set 1 [Descriptive Statistics: Graphical Methods & Numerical Methods] 1. In a recent study of the potential public health disaster of smoking in China, door-to-door interviews of 3,423 men and 3,593 women were conducted in the Suzhou District, a city of 5,750,000 people near Shanghai. The study concluded that “The annual income of people in China, on average, is $11,000. About 70% of them are smokers. Despite their modest incomes, they are willing to spend an average of 60 percent of personal income to buy cigarettes”. a. State what data were obtained in this survey and what type of data they are. Suggest what other information are useful for this study. b. What is the sample size? c. State the statistic(s) provided in this study. d. The study made inferences about what population? Or what is the population of interest in this study? e. Identify the population that was sampled. f. Explain how the difference in answers to parts (d) and (e) will affect the study's conclusions.
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