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Name: ______________________________ Recitation Section: ______________________ 7.06 Cell Biology QUIZ #3 This is an open book exam, and you are allowed access to books and notes, but not computers or any other types of electronic devices. Please write your answers to questions in pen (not pencil) in the space allotted. Please write only on the FRONT SIDE of each sheet. And be sure to put your name on each page in case they become separated. There are 7 pages to the quiz, make sure you have a complete copy! Remember that we will Xerox all of the quizzes. Good Luck! Question 1. 30 pts ________ Question 2. 38 pts ________ Question 3. 32 pts ________ 1
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Name: ______________________________ A (4 points). You are given two separate cDNAs, each of which encodes a glycoprotein of similar size. One of the cDNAs encodes a protein (protein A) known to reside in lysosomes, the other encodes a protein (protein B) that is expressed at the cell surface. What tools would you use to distinguish between the localization of the two proteins (you may genetically modify each of the two cDNAs)? B (4 points). If you were given the nucleotide sequence of the two cDNAs, what type of sequence elements would you be looking for that would indicate that you are dealing with: i) a secretory protein ii) a membrane protein iii) a type I versus a type II membrane protein iv) a glycoprotein C (8 points). You are allowed to make mutations in the cDNAs that were given to you. What kind of mutation would you introduce, and what is the expected outcome you are looking for to verify your answers given in part B. 2
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exam_3 - Name: _ Recitation Section: _ 7.06 Cell Biology...

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