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Instructor: Ms. Pooja Krishnan Department of Engineering ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS – ELEC 0305 ASSIGNMENT (3) - UNIT III and UNIT V ( 12 Marks) Fall 2010 1. An alpha particle (two protons and two neutrons) traveling east at 2.0 x 10 5 cm/s enters a magnetic field of 2 mT pointing in the perpendicular direction. What is the force acting on the alpha particle? (2 Mark) 2. Two coils are connected in series and their inductance is 4.4 mH. When one coil is reversed, the total inductance is 1.6 mH. All the flux due to the first coil links the second coil but only 40% of the flux due to the second coil links the first coil. Find the self inductance of each of the coils and their mutual inductance. (2 Marks) 3. A ring made of a magnetic material has a total length of 150 cm and a cross sectional area of
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Unformatted text preview: 10 cm 2 . The ring is wound by a wire of 960 turns. When the current is 2 A, the flux on the ring is 6 mWb. What is the relative permeability of the material at this flux density? ( 2 Marks) 4. At a frequency of f = 1 MHz, verify that copper is a good conductor, and quartz is a good dielectric. ( 2 Marks) 5. Determine the intrinsic impedance and depth of penetration of Copper (conductivity σ Cu = 5.80 10 7 S/m, μ r = 1) at the following frequencies: ( 2 Marks) a. 100 Hz b. 5 MHz c . Compare on the results obtained at the two frequencies and write the conclusion 6. For a medium in which and , calculate: ( 2 Marks) a. the propagation constant at 400 MHz b. the ratio of the velocity v to the free-space velocity c Deadline for submission: January 5, 2011...
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