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9/13/10 1 MEMS 1054 Materials Science 1 or Structure of Crystals and Diffraction Week 3 - Crystalline State 1 Professor Jörg Wiezorek, PhD, Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, UK, 1994. Meets in room G37 BEH, Mon/Wed/Fri, 1-1:50PM Week 3 – Learning Objectives: - Students will be able to describe and identify planes in crystals using the Miller Indices. - Students will be able to use the zonal equation/law (Weiss' Zone Law) to determine the planes in a crystallographic zone and the zone of a set of planes. - Students will be able to identify the motif and the appropriate lattice (from the possible 14 Bravais Lattices) to describe crystal structures of archetypical elements and compounds. - Students will be able to identify the crystal system and crystal lattice and motif from graphic representations of planar (2-D) and regular (3-D) crystal structures and planar and space lattices, respectively. - Students will be able to generate graphic representations of crystal structures from descriptions of crystals in terms of a lattice and their motif. - Define the reciprocal space lattice of a crystal structure in terms of the basis vectors of the primitive unit cell of the crystal structure. - Discuss the relationship between points and vectors of the reciprocal space lattice and the Miller Indices of planes in crystals.
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9/13/10 2 From Cullity & Stock Text: Chapter 2 Geometry of Crystals (pp31 – 87) : 2.1, 2.2 Lattices, 2.3 Points, Lines, Planes 2.4 Reciprocal Lattice (2.5 Symmetry) 2.6 Crystal Systems, 2.7 Unit Cells
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