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EXERCISE FOR EXERCISE ONLY! I will not grade or collect answers for THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS, which ARE FOR STUDY PURPOSE! YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO ANSWER THESE TYPE OF QUESTIONS based on the topical coverage. 1) Shown below is an ordered structure that is related to a FCC-arrangement of atoms, which has a Tetragonal Bravais Lattice (a) Look up the radii for the Cu and the Au atoms; use a hard-sphere packing approximation to determine the volume of the tetragonal unit cell shown below for CuAu-1, aL1o-ordered structure. (b) Determine the Structure factor expression and list them for the first six (6) Bragg diffraction peaks you expect to observed in a Powder Diffractometer XRD patters obtained with CU-K- alpha radiation, wavelength 1.542Å. (c) Determine the ratio of the weak superlattice and strong fundamental lattice diffraction peak intensities, e.g. compare the ratio of the intensity you expect for the fully ordered structure of this intermetallic compound phase for the Bragg peaks associated with the (002)
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