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Homework2-2010 - MEMS 1054 Homework Assignment#2 NAME...

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Homework Assignment #2 MEMS 1054 NAME: Reminder – This is a little more demanding than #1. Return by next Wednesday! 1) What information is contained in a diffraction pattern from a crystal? How can you interpret this information and relate it to the crystal structure of the crystal? 2) There are three, a) to c), two-dimensional (plane) lattices shown below. i) List the four plane crystal systems. ii) For each of the three lattices shown below identify two different (regarding lattice parameters) primitive unit cells and mark them using the two basis vectors and the angle they enclose. iii) Classify the lattices shown in sketches a) to c) below using the 5 plane lattices, i.e., oblique, rectangular, centered rectangular, hexagonal, square, and draw their commonly used unit cells. a) b) c)
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3) What is the equivalent number of lattice points contained in the 3-D unit cell below? Is it a primitive unit cell? 5) Write down the defining properties of a primitive unit cell.
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