Homework3-2010 - MEMS 1054 Homework Assignment #3 NAME:...

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Homework Assignment #3 MEMS 1054 NAME: Return by next Wednesday! 7 Questions in total! This is an important homework for you in MEMS1054. Get Started early, especially since I uploaded it only today, Friday! 1) Many concentrated solid solutions of metal atom species form chemically ordered phases at low temperatures. The chemical ordering involves changes from a statistically random distribution of the atoms among the atom sites to a regular distribution in which designated sites are occupied by one kind of atom. Thus, atomic sites, which are equivalent in the disordered solid solution are no longer equivalent in the ordered structures. These phenomena can be monitored and studied with diffraction techniques using X-rays, neutrons and electrons. As shown schematically in the section of the binary phase-diagram (Figure 1), both Cu and Au have cubic close-packed structures and at temperatures above 410˚C a complete solid solution exists between them across the entire composition range. Below critical temperatures of 390˚C and 410˚C ordered phases occur at the compositions of about CuAu and Cu 3 Au. Just as the disordered Cu and Au phases unit cells with lattice parameters α = β = γ =90˚ and a=b=c can be used HERE to good approximation to describe the ordered phases.
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Homework3-2010 - MEMS 1054 Homework Assignment #3 NAME:...

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