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Symmetry and Crystals => Crystallography Translational symmetry (LRO) of crystals described by the lattice unit cell; The symmetry properties compatible with the translational LRO of crystals in 3D restrict the number of distinct lattice unit cells to the 14 Bravais Lattices. The point group symmetry properties of the Bravais lattices are described by the locations and compatible combinations of point group symmetry operations (point group symmetry elements). These include Reflections / mirror planes Rotations / rotation axes Inversions / inversion points Combinations of reflections with translations / glide planes Combinations of rotations with translations / screw axes (Compound symmetry elements) Combinations of rotations and inversions / improper rotations … etc… These symmetry properties of the crystals are captured by the Point Group they belong to, described in shorthand by the point group symbols. Combination of the point group symbol with the type of Bravais lattice, i.e.,
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Symmetry and Crystals_SummaryPointGroups_Allen_Thomas -...

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