inorganicchemistry_2 - INORGANIC CHEMISTRY INORGANIC...

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Unformatted text preview: INORGANIC CHEMISTRY INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Order your inspection copy online at 18 4 t h E d i t i o n For lecturers: • Figures from the book available to download • Figures in PowerPoint format • Tables of data • Test bank of questions For students: • 3D rotatable molecular structures • Tables for group theory • Video clips demonstrating key chemical experiments • Library of web links Contents PART I: FOUNDATIONS 1. Atomic structure 2. Molecular structure and bonding 3. The structures of simple solids 4. Acids & bases 5. Oxidation and reduction 6. Physical techniques in inorganic chemistry 7. Molecular symmetry 8. An introduction to coordination compounds PART 2: THE ELEMENTS AND THEIR COMPOUNDS 9. Hydrogen 10. The Group 1 elements 11. The Group 2 elements 12. The Group 13 elements 13. The Group 14 elements 14. The Group 15 elements 15. The Group 16 elements 16. The Group 17 elements 17. The Group 18 elements 18. The d-block metals 19. d-metal complexes: Electronic structure & spectra 20. d-metal complexes: Reactions in solution 21. d-metal organometallic chemistry 22. The f-block metals PART 3: FRONTIERS 23. Solid state and materials chemistry 24. Nanomaterials, nanoscience and nanotechnology 25. Catalysis 26. Biological inorganic chemistry I feel this text delivers magnifi cently, as indeed did its predecessor editions. It clearly develops and reinforces the basic principles discussed in the Foundations. Rob Janes, Open University 4 t h E d i t i o n Solutions Manual to Accompany Shriver and Atkins Inorganic Chemistry Michael Hagerman , Union College, USA, Chris Schnabel , Eckerd College, USA, Kandalam Ramanujachary , Rowan University, USA and Steven Strauss , Colorado State University, USA 320 pages 2006 978-0-19-928859-5 Paperback £21.99 Shriver & Atkins Inorganic Chemistry Peter Atkins , University of Oxford, Tina Overton...
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inorganicchemistry_2 - INORGANIC CHEMISTRY INORGANIC...

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