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Unformatted text preview: MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - NORTHERN CYPRUS CAMPUS ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING PROGRAM Syllabus for EEE-224 (4-0)4 ELECTROMAGNETIC THEORY Fall 2009-2010 Instructor : ÖZLEM ÖZGÜN Office : S-144 Phone : 661 2972 E-mail : [email protected] Web : Course Schedule : Tuesday (8.40 – 10.30), Thursday (10.40 – 12.30) Office Hours : Thursday (15.40-17.30) (or by appointment) Main Text : David K. Cheng, Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics . Prentice Hall Objective: The study of electromagnetics is fundamental to the advancement of electrical and computer engineering technology. Electromagnetics is indeed everywhere, and affects all aspects of our lives. Students who well understand the basis of electromagnetic phenomena are well-equipped to handle important problems in electrical and computer engineering, as well as, to gain physical intuition about electromagnetic concepts around themselves. The main goal of this course is to introduce the basic electromagnetic concepts around themselves....
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