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EEE224_Fall09_Quiz2_solution - NAME tram/a REE-224 QUIZ...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME tram/a REE-224 QUIZ # 2 November 03, 2009 .“€‘\Q.l) Four point charges are located at the corners of a square 4cm on a side (Q20.8—nC). A fifth \ charge is installed at the center of the square. ‘ (a) Find the electric field intensity at the center due to the four charges at the corners. (b) Find the force (both magnitude and direction) experienced by the fifth charge at the center. igli: Q 'L wi/UZ/Q K; (—19: 2Q (LIV; (Afiecfi 0 E:E1+EL+Q3+EL1 “:- 34? Z;& (55%; We)?" :éeglf'flfi “W0 " § "‘ r" 97:80:21 ' «€2Q9‘1 ii _. d; Q L 215. (N) ‘ "' Li’fiébfl \\ Q2) The temperature in an auditorium is given by'T = 4x22 + +3 yz. A mosquito located at (1, 2, \“fl 0) in the auditorium desires to fly in such a direction that it will get warm as, soon as possible. In What direction must it fly? (M‘s) , (41319) c toga“ zgajttymzjmtf : ea; ' (flats) Q.3) Which of the following is a meaningless combination? 7 '9 KM: (a) grad of div (b) div of curl (c) curl of grad .curl of div (e) div of grad div 05“ fiSMflOlf‘ Cur“, of a similar \xQ\\QA) If a vector field (3 is solenoidal, which of these is true? (explain why) [5 fir“? fife—$5,; :1 ‘ 'dl‘i‘fl -_ Curl 0 o v96” W" 1. 6:13 i :35 W I} l¥ Q is Solenot'daé', iii? id i5“ rthmQflh/l {avXQme t]@:O (d)?>{Q¢’€}i __ Srbaujuj eumaa dv ...
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