IJEE1185 - A Novel Approach for Implementing Power System...

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Unformatted text preview: A Novel Approach for Implementing Power System Analysis and Simulation Tools* K. K. CHU and H. W. NGAN Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. E-mail: [email protected] A typical way of learning power system operation is by modeling the system and simulating its performance. Convention requires development of mathematical algorithm and user interfaces on dedicated hardware and software platforms. It has the drawback of a heavy overhead of development and learning time. In this paper, a novel approach is presented to provide a heterogeneous development platform for designing the power system analysis and simulation tools. Highlights of other market-available platforms like MATLAB, EMTP, EMTDC, PFLOW, PowerGraf, POWERWORLD and Ptolemy are summarized. Case studies are carried out to illustrate the approach and its success in integrating various essential components. AUTHOR’S QUESTIONNAIRE 1. The paper describes software/hardware/simu- lation tools suitable for students of signal processing and electrical power system analysis and simulation. 2. Level of students involved in the use of the materials: final year of undergraduate program or postgraduate program. 3. The aspects of this contribution which are new are: heterogeneous computing and feasibility of incorporation with multimedia technology 4. The material presented can be incorporated in engineering teaching laboratories by installing the Ptolemy software (Unix based) by down- loading from the web site: http://ptolemy.eecs. berkeley.edu/ 5. It comes with detailed installation guide and user manual. 6. A hands-on workshop was conducted for a class of 20 students. They were able to master the basic technique of operation and get it moving straight away. 7. Ptolemy is really interesting and worth for a trial. In order to get better benefits from the software, students have to understand UNIX, OOP and JAVA for the latest version. INTRODUCTION AS OPERATION of power systems becomes increasingly complex, there is a need to make available improved tools for training. Tradition- ally, the training facilities require setups for both hardware and software which often prove quite costly in terms of development effort mainly due to integration of resources from different platforms. Over the years, computer simulation in power systems has widely been adopted as a means to understand and control the power system opera- tion. It now requires that the computer-based power system educational tools should have provi- sion for enabling users of different backgrounds to handle their application-specific problems readily. Development efforts are expected to be one of the main concern of the tools designer....
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IJEE1185 - A Novel Approach for Implementing Power System...

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